Marine Blessing Ltd.

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About Marine Blessing Ltd.

Marine Blessing Ltd is a dully incorporated company under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our head office is in Port Harcourt Nigeria and our international office in the United States of America.

Our knack for timely delivery and job completion, quality, honesty, integrity, community peace gestures and Environmental awareness has earned us respect and honor in the dredging industry.

Our global outlook has made us to employ very stable and highly skilled engineers and technicians in their various field of expertise, with the sole purpose of delivering to our clients the best services possible. This is why our clients strongly recommend us to other clients searching for dredge contractors.

The conditional principle of our service to our clients is to be a blessing through our services based on our mission, vision and core values which we dearly hold on to. 


Our mission is to provide the highest quality service on a timely and predictable manner in Nigeria and else-where using our international exposure, highly experienced staff, quality equipment and Machineries while being  environmentally conscious and community friendly.


Our vision is to construct a futuristic delivery system that will run as a model for the industry. Core principles: Our core principles to our clients are respect, honesty, integrity, to our staff Health and safety, to the environment preservation and to the community peace and harmony.